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Surgical Instructions

Here at Whitehall Dental Center, we are dedicated to ensuring that our patients are informed about their treatments, so they can feel prepared and comfortable at all times. To do this, we have provided surgical instructions for several of our treatments. We encourage you to review these instructions prior to your treatment. Dr. Matthews and our team can discuss these instructions with you further and answer any questions during a consultation. To schedule your appointment with our office in Whitehall, Wisconsin, please call us today at 715-538-1800.

An impacted tooth is one that is lodged into the jaw bone and does not erupt properly. In many cases, this happens because there is not enough room for the tooth to erupt normally within the upper or lower dental arch. If left untreated, an impacted tooth can cause a variety of dental problems later on.

After Dr. Matthews has removed an impacted tooth, it is normal to have some discomfort and minor swelling. To help alleviate these side effects, we recommend that you apply a cold compress or icepack to the treated area in 20-minute segments. We can also provide you with prescription pain medication, which you should always take as directed.

Eat a diet of soft foods until the extraction site has healed.

If you have any questions about how to care for your mouth after a surgical procedure, or about impacted teeth in Whitehall, Wisconsin, we encourage you to contact Whitehall Dental Center at 715-538-1800. We can help answer your questions and provide additional instructions.

Our team at Whitehall Dental Center wants your procedures and recovery to go as smoothly as possible. To do this, we encourage you to review our instructions as to how to care for your mouth after receiving dental implants in Whitehall, Wisconsin. If you have any questions, and for further information, we encourage you to contact us at 715-538-1800 and set up an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Jeff Matthews.

After your implant placement surgery, you should take it easy for 48-72 hours. We recommend that you:

  • Stay well-hydrated
  • Apply an icepack to your face at 20-minute intervals for 2 days following your surgery
  • If you received implants in your upper jaw, do not blow your nose for 2 weeks
  • Do not chew directly onto the bone graft
  • Maintain a soft diet for a couple of days following your procedure
  • Take all prescribed medications as directed

You may experience slight bleeding for two days following surgery. An increase in temperature of 1-2 degrees is also normal and is no cause for concern. Please follow all post-operative instructions provided to minimize your risk of infection and complications after your implant surgery.